Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry

In the Episcopal Church, worship is not a spectator sport. It is something we do, not something we watch. To make worship happen at Saint Andrew’s, we need the unique gifts that all the different members of the Body bring to the table. All of the following liturgical ministries are open to new volunteers anytime:

Acolytes serve in processions, bearing crosses, candles, and flags; and they serve at the altar, helping to prepare the table for Communion. All young people, 7th through 12th grade, are welcome to join this special ministry.  

Altar Guild prepares the church for worship. Members lovingly care for the vestments, linens, and silver used at the altar. They also tend to the candles and flowers, and they manage the bread and wine needed for Communion. The guild gathers several times each year for fellowship and support.

Eucharistic Ministers (EMs) are lay persons who assist the clergy with the Eucharist. You have probably seen them at the regular Sunday services, wearing white robes and offering you the chalice. EMs also serve at special services and funerals as needed.

Greeters are the face St. Andrew’s because they are the people whom visitors meet first. Greeters are stationed at the church doors to offer a friendly “good morning.” Greeters are responsible for helping visitors and newcomers find their way around the building, guiding parents and kids to the nursery and Sunday school rooms.

Lectors proclaim the Word of God by reading Scripture during worship. Lectors need a confident speaking voice and a desire to bring to life the stories of the Bible.

The Order of Saint Luke is a healing ministry whose members pray with and for parishioners during Communion. OSL members commit themselves to daily prayer and Scripture reading, regular worship, sharing the Gospel with others, and regular meetings for learning and growing together in Christ.

Ushers greet newcomers and old friends alike as they enter the nave for worship, handing out bulletins and answering questions. During worship, they collect the offering and present the bread and wine at the altar. After the liturgy, the ushers pick up the bulletins and rearrange the prayer books and hymnals in the pews.