Worship Services

Worship Services

Worship Services
We know it’s sometimes tough to get to church - let alone find the right church for you and your family. St. Andrew’s tradition-meets-today worship provides each individual, couple or family a service that’s right for them.

Which one is right for you?

Sunday at 8:00 a.m.
For those who find spiritual comfort and strength in traditional worship, the early morning service with Elizabethan language and time-honored hymns is the perfect way to start your Sabbath.  

Sunday at 10:15 a.m.
Our second Sunday service is always our largest. Perhaps it’s popular because kids love to go to Children’s Chapel or because you get to hear our beautiful choir or because you like to stay for coffee and treats after the service.  Whatever the reason, this service is a perfect mix of old and new. 

5:00p.m., First Sunday of the month: Choral Evensong
8:00p.m., Third Sunday of the month: Choral Compline


Tuesday-Thursday at noon, Noonday Prayer in the Chapel
Friday at noon, Eucharist in the Chapel
Choral Evensong and Choral Compline – Ancient Gifts for Modern People
St. Andrew’s is pleased to offer two of the jewels of the Anglican worship tradition – Choral Evensong (the first Sunday of the month at 5 p.m.) and Choral Compline (the third Sunday of the month at 8 p.m.). Centuries ago, monks fashioned a daily cycle of prayer, marking their connection with God through worship across the hours of the day and night. In 1549, when the English Church moved to offer worship in the people’s language, Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer condensed the seven daily monastic services into two, Matins (Morning Prayer) and Evensong (Evening Prayer), to encourage greater participation by the faithful. These services include Scripture readings, psalms, canticles, and prayers – the daily work of the Church praising God and offering ourselves in a living sacrifice of thanksgiving.  
As Matins and Evensong were offered over the centuries, composers created beautiful settings of the prayers and canticles, as well as writing anthems for these worship experiences.  Their work is now the Church’s gift to a world that longs for connection with the divine.  The ancient rhythms of these services take us out of our day-to-day stresses and worries, freeing us to hear the voice of God. 
One of the services Archbishop Cranmer used to create Evensong was Compline, the brief liturgy for the close of day, prayers before bedtime. In the 20th century, the Episcopal Church restored Compline as a service of its own (along with Noonday Prayer) to help us align our day-to-day rhythms with our desire to connect with the divine. “Compline” comes from the same Latin root as “complete,” and it offers beautiful prayers as we complete our day and prepare for the blessed rest of sleep – both renewing ourselves in the daily rhythm of this life and giving us a foretaste of our heavenly rest. The officiant and choristers chant by candlelight, the singing (like the candlelight) piercing the darkness and bringing God’s presence into our midst. 
Come and experience the ancient beauty of Evensong and Compline, and let yourself rest in the loving arms of our Creator and Redeemer.