Creative Corner – December

Cooking – Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones


· Hot cocoa (powdered)
· Mini Marshmallows
· Large Piping Bags
· Brown Pipe Cleaners
· Wiggly Eyes
· Chocolate Chips (optional)
· Double sided tape or circle sticky tabs like ZOTS


1. Fill Piping bags with the hot cocoa mix (2 cups per bag if using large bags)
2. Top with mini marshmallows, and then a small amount of chocolate chips.
3. Tie them off with a knot.
4. Wrap your pipe cleaner around the knot to make them look like antlers.
5. Using double-sided tape, or sticky circles tape the wiggly eyes, and red pom-poms to your bags.

Crafting – Yarn and Stick Christmas Tree Craft

Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments. A lovely nature craft for the festive season.


· Sticks
· Glue Gun
· Lime Green Yarn
· Mini Pom Poms or Buttons
· UHU Glue or hot glue gun (parents, help with the hot glue gun)
· Yellow Card Scraps
· Scissors


1. Make a stick tree by breaking twigs and using the glue gun to fix them together. You need two long side pieces, one short cross piece and a little trunk.
2. Cut a length of green yarn and tie one end onto the tree. Then wrap the yarn around the tree over and over again.
3. When you have built up a green middle tie the loose end of yarn to the tree.
4. Glue your tree decorations onto the strands of yarn. You can use mini pom poms, buttons, beads, sequins or anything else you fancy.
5. Keep adding decorations until your stick Christmas tree craft is beautifully decorated.
6. If you want to you can cut a golden star from card scraps to stick to the top of your tree.

Connecting to our Community

Giving back during the holidays is a wonderful thing to do as a family. Here are some ideas for your family this Christmas season.

· Leave a Christmas card (and perhaps a little treat) in your mailbox for the mail carrier.
· Choose a day to serve each other inside your own home. Take out the trash for your husband, encourage your children to pick up their sibling’s toys, and show appreciation for one another.
· Encourage every member of your family to look each person they come across that day in the eye, smile, and express their appreciation with a simple “thank you” or a compliment.
· Clean out your coat closet and take your old coats to a local shelter.
· Set the timer for 10 minutes. Have each person in your house go through their books and choose a few to donate to your local library (or elsewhere).
· Deliver baked goods and a homemade Christmas card to your neighbors.
· Deliver cookies to the employees at a fire station, police station, or hospital on Christmas Day.

Creating Meaningful Conversations

The Charlie Brown Christmas movie is such an awesome reminder of a season of giving and has many great discussion points. This makes it a fantastic watch-and-learn option for the holidays. Pop some popcorn, make some hot cocoa and watch it together as a family. Then discuss the topics below as a family.

Messages and lessons your kids can learn from A Charlie Brown Christmas:

· Meaning of the season.
· Understanding the effects of commercialism on things that are important.
· Expressing gratitude (even in tough situations).
· Focusing on helping others.
· Doing the right thing.
· Making something good out of something bad.
· Dealing with different friendships.
· Seeing the good in people.
· Working with difficult personalities.