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Andie's Pantry

January 13-23, 2023

A collaboration between Benjamin Banneker Elementary and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church providing fresh food, pantry staples, and essential household items for the families of Banneker Elementary while creating friendships.

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Benjamin Banneker Edible Schoolyard Garden

Using six 12x4-foot raised beds, three classes of students enjoy hands-on work and responsibility, eagerly and naturally absorbing: Understanding of the seed-to-seed process, learning plant parts and horticulture. Tending, harvesting, preparing, cooking, and eating the vegetables they grow. Healthier eating by choosing to eat what they grow. The school’s staff also discovers and savors the fresh harvest. The Edible Schoolyard Garden lessons extend through every month except November through January. Direct service with students occupies two hours twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. Maintenance of the garden, the only tasks that students cannot do themselves, is done at other times. Volunteers get to serve and know a hardworking capable staff and eager children, kindergarten through 6th grade, including several special-education classes. Volunteers assist students or maintain beds. Service may be intermittent or part-time.

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The Banneker Families Fund

The Banneker Families Fund, separate from Andie’s Pantry, was established to help meet emergency needs of Banneker students’ families. St. Andrew’s acts as banker, grateful that the School cares about its families and knows them well enough to consider requests. For parishioners concerned about the Banneker/St. Andrew’s growing partnership and stability for students’ families, the Fund currently needs contributions. Visit our Give page ( for details on how to give.

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Clement Waters

Clement Waters is creating an open-harvest food forest and community green space in the hilly area around Fox Hollow Creek near Swope Park. The Clement Forest space is designed to create a peaceful state of mind, allowing for convenient coping and mind/body healing. Urban life brings on stressors that are hard to escape. Clement Waters' programs bring you to quiet moments in a safe environment where you can let go and regroup. Their vision? To have a safe, calming nature walk nearby every neighborhood; communities reclaiming the wealth of generational food harvesting wisdoms; and low-utility-usage homes built to be affordable for low-income families.

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Free Store

Free Store is an annual St. Andrew’s outreach event that feeds and clothes more than 350 people during the holiday season. KC’s homeless and low-income are invited to a festive meal with music, conversation, prayer, and an opportunity to shop from hundreds of donated items. To volunteer at this special holiday event, please contact Melissa Rock.

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Gordon Parks Elementary School

Gordon Parks Elementary School, a Kansas City, Missouri, public charter school, currently serves over 175 kindergarten through 4th grade students. Founded in 1999 by parishioners Dorothy Curry and Sue Jarvis, Gordon Parks was named in honor of the groundbreaking African-American photographer, filmmaker, musician, and author who proudly endorsed the school’s mission of educating urban-core children to reach their full potential. There are many opportunities for volunteers and mentors to work with students and have a long-term impact on their literacy, math, social skills, and self-confidence. Classroom volunteers help students reach their academic goals by: Reading with small groups. Reading one-on-one with our students. Helping with math proficiency and writing skills. Becoming a mentor and establishing a long-term relationship with one student is also a fantastic way to impact a student’s life. Volunteers set their own hours in coordination with the teachers and volunteer coordinator. For more information, contact Leslie Gasser, chief development officer, at 816-753-6700 or by email below. Gordon Parks is located at 3715 Wyoming St., Kansas City, MO 64111.

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i58kc Ministries

i58kc Ministries, named after Isaiah chapter 58, is an urban ministry working with teens by building a positive family of support, providing life skills, and creating adventures together. For more information, visit, or contact Debby Walker.

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Kansas City Community Gardens

Kansas City Community Gardens is a 35-year-old nonprofit located in beautiful Swope Park, dedicated to increasing access to fresh, healthy foods for Kansas City’s families most vulnerable to food insecurity. Serving over 20,000 households each year, KCCG works with community members, other service organizations, congregations, schools, and neighborhood groups to establish and maintain food gardens and orchards. KCCG provides gardening and nutrition education, resources, supplies, and materials for free or low cost to children and adults to create a healthier, hunger-free Kansas City. Once a year, St Andrew’s members meet at KCCG to fill seed packages to be sold at a discount to low-income individuals and families. This is a fun volunteer opportunity for all ages. For more information, contact Carolyn Kroh.

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Kansas City Community Kitchen

St. Andrew’s volunteers serve at the Kansas City Community Kitchen on the first Friday of each month as the “plating team.” The plating crew consists of five volunteers who arrive at 10:50 a.m. and leave sharply at 2 p.m. For more information or to sign up, contact Bill Hesler. This is not a long-term commitment; you will have an opportunity to sign up each month or you can volunteer for multiple months if you desire. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

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Pantry Partners

A partnership with St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Pantry Partners is a monthly volunteer and social opportunity for men and women in which St. Andrew’s partners with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 40th and Main. St. Andrew’s volunteers serve the second Wednesday of each month between 5 and 7:30 p.m., and the volunteers often go to dinner at a local restaurant after serving. We bag and distribute groceries, toiletries, bread, fresh produce, and other items to needy people in midtown. St. Andrew’s has been involved in this outreach for about five years. For more information, contact Bruce Long.

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Sister Berta's Friendship Circle

The mission of Sr. Berta’s Friendship Circle is to positively impact poverty in our city by establishing relationships across the growing economic divide. Activities include experiences that foster trust and friendship with people experiencing poverty, ranging from adventures with children, volunteering together, preparing and sharing meals, or visits over coffee. If you’re interested in joining a circle and creating lasting relationships with those in need, contact Dorothy Curry at 816-365-4583 or by email below.

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