March Sunday School Schedule

This month in Sunday school we continue our Lenten series that follows Jesus’s journey to the cross.

All of our lessons are posted to our website at the beginning of each month. Each week we read a story and have a discussion about God’s message and we always include a fun activity to go along with our lesson. Coloring pages, word puzzles and children’s worship bulletins are also part of the weekly packet. We hope your children will join us! More information is below in the announcements.

March 7 – Third Sunday of Lent

Lesson: Jesus is Betrayed, Spark Bible pg. 370

March 14 – Fourth Sunday of Lent

Lesson: Jesus Dies for our Sins, Spark Bible pg. 376

March 21 – Fifth Sunday of Lent

Lesson: The Empty Tomb, Spark Bible pg. 383

March 28 – Sixth Sunday of LentLesson: The Road to Emmaus, Spark Bible, pg. 388