The Summertime Good Book Club – 99 Days of Genesis

June to September 2020 

Looking for a fun summertime read? How about origin stories, giants, disasters, sex, violence, theft, betrayal, mistaken identities, and finally forgiveness at the end? You’ve found it: The Summertime Good Book Club – 99 Days of Genesis

Genesis, of course, is our story of beginnings – of God’s good creation, of humanity, of God’s relationship with Abraham and his descendants, and of the people of Israel, our spiritual forebears. We’ll read through this amazing story in about 15 verses a day from Monday, June 1, to Labor Day, Sept. 7, 

You can download a list of the daily readings and click on the links to find each day’s selection. Just sign up, and you’ll receive a brief summary of each day’s reading by text or email. (Because of the limits of our database’s texting system, you’re guaranteed brevity: We can only text 115 characters in each message, so that’s Fr. John’s daily limit.)