Good Book Club Takes Up the Gospel of Mark

With a new year, our online Good Book Club has turned to another book of the Bible, the Gospel of Mark. Mark is noteworthy for several reasons: Most scholars think it’s the first of the four Gospels, written about 40 years after Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension; and it provides much of the source material for Matthew and Luke. It’s also the shortest of the Gospels, and it moves along just as Jesus does in the story – quickly and full of action. And, as it turns out, it’s the book from which we’ll take most of our Gospel readings in the current year of the liturgical cycle (Year B). So, reading Mark will give you a great overview of the perspective on Jesus we’ll be hearing from now through the end of November.

We’ll read Mark in its entirety through Shrove Tuesday, Feb. 16. Each day, you’ll receive a one-sentence summary of the reading from Fr. John, as well as a link to the Scripture text. If you’re currently part of the Good Book Club and want to continue with Mark, there’s nothing you need to do; the daily texts or emails will keep coming your way. If you’d like to sign up, just email Fr. John.

You can find several resources to help you get ready for our study of Mark:

· “Mark 101,” a two-page introduction, from Forward Movement publications, exploring the book’s themes and authorship.
· “Overview: Mark,” a 9-minute video also exploring the book’s themes and authorship
· A weekly email about the coming week’s readings. Sign up through Forward Movement’s Good Book Club website.
· The Good Book Club Podcast about the daily readings from Forward Movement, each 4 to 7 minutes.
· A printer-friendly list of all the daily readings, to help you plan ahead.

Here’s a complete list of the daily readings with links to the readings.