Andie’s Pantry

Andie’s Pantry is a ministry in collaboration with Benjamin Banneker Elementary. This ministry builds relationships with St. Andrew’s families and Banneker families by providing fresh food, pantry staples, and essential household items and delivering it while forming friendships.

Loving Neighbors and Building Relationship through Andie’s Pantry

We’ll be delivering groceries to Banneker Elementary families from September 8 to September 15. (This date is negotiable between you and your Banneker family.)

Ways you can participate:

  1. Purchase groceries from a list from a Banneker family (reimbursed by Andie’s Pantry funds).
  2. Deliver already purchased groceries to a Banneker family (could be a previously met family).
  3. Purchase and deliver to a Banneker family (could be a previously met family).
  4. Donate money to provide groceries and support growing relationships.
  5. Plan to meet a Banneker mom at a grocery store. How this will work:
    • The volunteer will meet the Banneker mom at a store of her choice where she shops for her family’s needs (Andie’s Pantry will provide $125 for this trip).
    • The volunteer will wait for the mom’s text message and will meet the mom at the store and will go through the check out and then load the groceries in her car.
    • This is a chance for conversation on neutral ground and for the mom to select her own needs.

For more information, contact Dorothy Curry,, or Jean Long,

May those whom you cherish have food in plenty, may their children be satisfied and their little ones inherit their wealth. Psalm 17:14

Choose ‘Designated’ in the ‘Select a fund’ box and type ‘Andie’s Pantry’ as the memo.

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