We seek to help children discover the wonder of God’s love, to recognize the sacred and holy all around them, and to live as Jesus taught us. Our WONDER Children’s Ministry serves infants through 5th graders, providing a safe and welcoming environment where children can:

  • Learn the stories of our faith.
  • Build friendships.
  • Wonder about the words and symbols in our stories.
  • Grow as full members of the Body of Christ.


Children’s Worship

Children of all ages are welcome in the 8:00 and 10:15 a.m. services. We encourage parents to sit near the front with their children so kids can see the drama unfolding at the altar and feel more a part of the experience of Holy Communion. The last Sunday of each month is special because children are invited to gather around the altar while the bread and wine are consecrated at the 10:15 a.m. service. Children also play an important role in baptisms. Each child who chooses to participate is given a small cup of water to pour into the baptismal font before the water is blessed. As one child whose brother was being baptized said, “I helped baptize Jack!”




Kids in the St. Andrew’s nursery have their first experience of Christian community. Through stories, crafts, and play, our smallest children learn about our loving God and our responsibility to treat each other with love. Little ones birth through 3 years old are lovingly nurtured by attentive caregivers while their parents attend service or participate in Sunday formation and fellowship.



Children’s Chapel and Sunday School

Children 3 years old through 5th grade are invited to Children’s Chapel and Sunday School, which begins at 10:10 a.m. (just before the main worship service). As we tell the kids, “Everything your parents are doing in big church, we’re doing in here. And everything we do in here, your parents are doing in big church.” Kids are active participants in their worship, lighting the candles, carrying the cross, leading prayers, and “changing the light” (because the light of God is never extinguished). The kids also enjoy an interactive experience of Bible teachings or sacramental lessons, told through experiential stories. This comes as the “sermon” time of Children’s Chapel, when kids move from the chapel to classrooms (based on their ages) to explore the stories of God’s love.


For more information or questions about the Children’s Ministry, Contact Jean Long, minister for children, youth, younger adults, and families at

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Special Events

Throughout the year, Children’s Ministry hosts a number of special events for kids and their families. These events bring families together in fellowship and provide creative, interactive ways to grow in God’s love. They include:

Boo Bash


Christmas Pageant

Christmas Eve

Pentecost Celebration

May or June

Special Lent and Holy Week Programs

March or April

St. Nicholas Party


Vacation Bible School