Stewardship Campaign

Dear Parish Family,

One of the ways I feel most blessed is that I know I’m not alone. Probably like yours, my journey with God hasn’t been a straight path; and I can’t see precisely where the road ahead leads. But looking around St. Andrew’s on any given day, I know I have fellow pilgrims sharing the journey with me.

It’s amazing what God is doing with us as we travel together as a family. You’ll see more detail in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), but consider: As we hear about dying churches, our worship attendance is up. We’re seeing strong increases in children’s ministry, youth ministry, and adult learning opportunities. Through September, we’ve welcomed 41 new adult members, several with kids. Financial giving in 2019 is stronger than we’ve ever seen in the years I’ve been with you.

All that is happening because we’re on this journey together. And it’s only just begun. No matter where we find ourselves in our relationship with God, we can go deeper; and when we do, we find joy. This year’s stewardship season invites us to do just that – to discover joy in the journey.

In Luke’s Gospel (5:1-11), Jesus asks Peter to row out onto the lake with him, put down his nets, and see what happens. Peter is dubious. He’s been trying on his own, and the nets have come up empty. But tired as he is, Peter responds in trust – and the nets come up filled to the breaking point. Traveling with Jesus makes all the difference.

I find Jesus every time I walk into our church. He’s there in the people gathered on a Sunday morning. He’s there in the staff who do such amazing work. He’s there in the people who give their hands and hearts to ministry. He’s there in the leaders who help keep our boat on course. And he’s there in every person who makes a financial pledge toward God’s work here. Sometimes the journey has its challenges, but I know I’m never alone. And neither are you.

In this year’s stewardship season, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to ask, “How can I go deeper in my journey of faith?” We can do that through our pledges of giving for 2020 and through an assessment of our congregation’s spiritual vitality, called RenewalWorks. Please see the FAQs for more information on both.

I thank you for being part of the St. Andrew’s family and for supporting the church’s work through your gifts. In addition to drawing you closer to Christ, your support makes a real difference in the church’s ability to love God, love our neighbors, and love one another. Bless you for that. As you listen for how God is calling you to go deeper in 2020, I hope you’ll join me in making a financial pledge to St. Andrew’s. Literally, it can be for any amount. How about $5 a year? The size doesn’t matter. A pledge marks the beginning of a commitment, and you’ll be amazed at the return. Any amount will help us reach the goal we’re setting – an increase to the budget of $125,000 overall to help us keep bringing people into the family and maintain the precious facilities God has given us.

There’s no limit to where God can take us, if we take the journey together.


The Rev. John Spicer, Rector

You can make your pledge by:
  • Completing the online form below,
  • Downloading and filling out the pledge commitment card, returning it to the church, either by mail or by placing it in the offering plate,
  • Or, emailing Nina Edwards, our finance coordinator.
To make your first pledge payment or to set up recurring payments, please visit CONNECT or use the ChurchLife app on your smart phone.
Wondering what Stewardship is? Read about the meaning of Stewardship.

Over the last several weeks, articles from the Stewardship Commission highlighted two crucial aspects of St. Andrew’s: the ministries we provide and individuals in our parish whose lives have been changed by God’s work through these ministries.

We hope these articles, and the larger stewardship pledge campaign, will give you a deeper understanding of St. Andrew’s many programs and the people we reach. It’s because of your current and continued support that we can continue our journey with Christ and bring others on board the St. Andrew’s boat to enjoy all it offers.

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