The Good Book Club

Explore the Bible every day with texts or emails!

Good Book Club Live

For the past four years, about 130 of us have been receiving a daily email or text with a link to a short reading from Scripture and a summary of those verses. It’s the Good Book Club—a chance to make our way through books of the Bible one day at a time. 

Now, you’ll have the chance to go deeper in that journey. Starting Thursday, June 27, the Good Book Club will add a live component as part of Trailside. Each Thursday night at HJ’s, we’ll offer Bible study about the Good Book Club readings from the past week, including your questions and insights. The Good Book Club Live will be led by Fr. John Spicer, Mtr. Jean Long, Mtr. Rita Kendagor, and Dr. Paul Johnson, a parishioner and former professor at Conception Seminary. Each week, we’ll go over the readings’ content, bring in some insights from biblical criticism, and explore how the readings speak to us now about our personal lives, the life of our church, and the well-being of the world around us. 

It’s part of the larger Trailside experience, and you can come for any or all of it: informal, conversational worship at 5:30 p.m., dinner at 6:00, and learning opportunities from 6:30 to 7:30. The experience is available online, too, on Facebook or the church website. Sometimes we’ll offer other learning opportunities alongside the Good Book Club Live, but this Bible study will be a constant presence.

We’re starting June 27 because we will have begun a new book in the Good Book Club. This Thursday, June 20, we’ll dive into the Gospel of Mark—widely regarded as the first Gospel and a source document for Matthew and Luke. Mark’s telling of the Good News is edgy and a little in-your-face, and it’s the book from which most of our Sunday-morning Gospel readings are coming through the end of November. If you aren’t currently receiving the Good Book Club daily texts or emails, just contact Fr. John ( to sign up.